From following rules and prescribed processes and procedures to independent thinking responsive individuals empowered to make decisions. Why do hospitals need this.

For example in a hospital like JMJ it is run by the nuns on traditional hospital administration basis. People in pathology for example do not like the way things are operating. As increased customer demands and pull for higher standards of service increase it creates forces that require more adaptive management. People are getting used to be customers and treated as such phosphocreatine system response to acute exercise.

This is the change. For paid services people are demanding standards. The old paradigm where health service providers were venerated and thankful and humble patients accepted what was dished out to them is changing. Why? Because there are more facilities more spending power and more awareness. Every business is selling better service more customer friendly and netter customer relationships and people are getting sensitized to this and so the effect is spilling over to areas of health.

The fear of offending those in whom you place your life and health still exists but it also slowly being replaced by a hesitant but emerging aggressive demand for fairness. People are realizing that the power inequality is changing and they are now willing to stick their heads out a little more. I guess this is a function of economic strata and access to services that one can afford to pay for coupled with a growing awareness and the breaking down of the hallowed barriers that surrounded medicine.

Medicine is losing its god like quality and becoming more routinized and therefore predictable and easier to understand and document. More knowledge about disease and treatment commoditized medicine and therefore de mystifies it. Since the purpose of a business is to create a customer and is customer centric it is where the answers lie. And profitability ... is needed we need to change the Jargon.. not for profit.. means not for private profit but for financial viability and organizational profitability so that resources can be ploughed back in to the organization.

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